Who Doesn’t?

Bumblebees play an important role in our gardens by pollinating flowers. Without them, we would be without juicy tomatoes and luscious sweet corn. We would live in a world without cucumbers and squash, chilis and eggplant. Considering their all-important role, I think bumblebees deserve a loftier name, such as Emperor or Empress Bee. Why not!! Bumble, which describes something ineptclumsymaladroitawkwardmuddled, is too mundane for the sacrosanct bee.

This renaming avoids the truth that bumblebees do seem clumsy and awkward as they move. After a fairly smooth flight into the garden, I see them land then maneuver their full bellies and pollen-covered legs to another flower, then another. They look like a fully loaded B-52 bomber wobbling into flight.

aWho doesn’t bumble through life? Most of us would admit that our path to elderhood is a bit clumsy and awkward. Many simply muddle through, even in the later decades. Perhaps we need a smoother role model. For me, it is the Owl. I love spending time among the trees, watching and contemplating the busy forest from a camouflaged position. I also relate to the Sandhill Crane, a homebody who relentlessly explores their summer terrain before flying south for the winter.

Still, I bumble and stumble my way through life. It’s just my way.







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  1. I enjoyed your post and I want to say thanks for providing the buzz on bees. We need bees and we need to show them some respect and treasure them for all that they do for us humans.

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