Since 2012, Jane’s Journals has been home to the quirky writings of one person, Jane Willis. I covered endless topics with one thing in common: my love of the Western U.S, the outdoors, and adventure. I managed to entertain myself and a few others for a time, but writing about myself got boring.  

My new vision is to create a community outside the increasingly boring and repetitive mainstream media who have something to say about living in the west or are inspired by western culture and landscape.  I long for a community of everyday people that shares a passion for the west and wants to also get more serious about their creative work. Are you a writer, photographer, artist, quilter, musician, poet? Unpublished? Let’s write and create here the story about our lives and adventures in the outdoor west. No topic is forbidden. 

Please see the Submissions Page for more information. If you need help focusing, let me know. Also, check out the resources on the Bookshelf.

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  1. We share an interest in gardening. I mainly do flowers… tried vegetables, but we have too much wild life to contend with. I’m impressed that you grow enough to barter with… very nice!

    • I was intrigued by your sewing and patterns choices. I am starting to sew again…just doing simple skirts, tops, pants for now. Also doing some t-shirt transformations. Hope to graduate to some nicer things some day!

  2. I just finished reading your first book!!!! I LOVED IT!!!! My Sister and her husband, live in Wheatland, Wy., and he bought her this book, for Christmas. I read it before she did!!! I LOVED your sense of humor, and all the while, reading it, I thought-“I bet her sermons are fun to listen to”. I was sad to see that you have moved on. My Sis wanted to come to your church, to hear your sermons. Have a blessed wonderful life dear lady, you truly sound like a PIONEER WOMAN!!!!

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