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Written articles

Simply submit your interesting article about people and places in the western U.S. The emphasis is on environmental issues, public land use, rural settings, cultural histories, people making a difference, and creative processes inspired by the west. Issues facing big city dwellers are important but they already receive a great deal of coverage and would not be used here unless they go beyond the headlines with new and revealing information and/or a different slant.

When considering a written piece, please avoid the stuff that litters mainstream media and dominates the headlines: Ten Ways to Finding Happiness in the West, How to Break Into XYZ, Jaw-Dropping Views, and so on. Instead, focus on your passions, your response to issues facing us, or how something/someone inspires you or reminds you of something else.

Some specific ideas: Ideas: Interviews with everyday people making a difference, background information for a National Monument ( I am doing Bear’s Ears at the moment) your reaction to an issue, a small town event or tradition, book review of something new about the Western U.S., experiences as or with indigenous people. For endless ideas, check out the book, “Writing Articles about the World Around You”,  by Marcia Yudkin.

Check out the menu categories, which are only a guideline; new categories can be started just for you! If you need help with a topic let me know. Part of my passion is nudging others to be creative.

Writing Styles:

 This site is all about creativity, and you can submit journalistic or educational pieces, personal essays, poetry, creative non-fiction, short stories, book reviews, even a reading list or interview with unique people.


You! Your friends and family! So far, a curious and/or educated bunch of folks seeking to respond.

Grammar, etc:

Please use common grammar and styles (e.g., Strunk and White, Chicago Manual of Style). If the piece is rough, we can edit your work subject to your approval.

Photography :

Stock images are from, so this site cries for some original photos of our beautiful landscape and people.

Original Art:

Ditto, as long as it celebrates our landscape and people.


Writers, photographers, and artists retain all copyrights to their work beyond first publication rights.


Zilch. This website is a labor of love and a way for people outside the mainstream media to be heard! It is a community where we give and take.  I also want the site itself to look beautiful, so I will not post ads.

To submit: Please send an email with your work to Please include a short bio to be used at the end of your work. A photo is nice too. Most of the time you will hear back within days.


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